• Lauren McDowell

COVID-19 Cancels NYC

Unfortunately, this week has been extremely difficult for many college students. Especially seniors trying to enjoy their last few weeks of college, but in particular theatre majors who can no longer showcase. I was 3/4 of the way to St. Louis to get on my plane to New York when I found out that the entirety of Missouri State's New York Showcase was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. After a bit of panic and a whole lot of crying, I am doing my best to still hope for our Los Angeles Showcase in a few weeks. As an artist, isolation is difficult. I find myself stuck in my apartment day after day, but I am making the most out of a terrible situation. I donated blood, I've been updating everything I have been putting off for a month, and I am finally reading again! I'm taking this crushing news as an opportunity to grow as an artist and as a person, stay safe everyone and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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