• Lauren McDowell

Camp SAY 2020

In August of 2020, I took part in Virtual Camp SAY. Unlike any other year of camp, SAY was able to children from all over the world. The two weeks were full of Zoom dance parties, theatre games and performances, crafts, and beautiful moments of self-acceptance. Helping to lead Camp SAY from my parent's basement was not how I expected this year to go, but Camp SAY is more than a place, it is a feeling. It is the feeling that you have as much time as you need to speak, that you are accepted by everyone in the room, and that your voice is important. People who stutter deal with an insane amount of ignorance in the world and to have a space where their voice is valued is rare. Everyone at Camp SAY knows that they are seen, they are heard, and they are loved. To learn more about SAY, please visit say.org.

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