• Lauren McDowell

Acting and Graduating in a Pandemic

What a weird time this is for us all! Unfortunately, for the last month, my life has change drastically. Both my New York and Los Angeles showcases have been postponed to the fall. Walking at graduation has also been postponed. All of my classes are now online, which is really tricky for things like tap class and dialects, but all of my professors are making it work. In all this free time, besides my school work, I have been completing way too many jigsaw puzzles, catching up on shows I've never had time to watch, and updating the acting industry on what my plans are in the future. I've been filming lots of self-tapes for class and for personal use that I have started uploading to my website, I've been making short films for fun, and have been trying my best to stay creative, even when life seems pretty dismal. I write to my hospice patient that I no longer get to see in person and volunteer with, and I've been interacting a lot more with SAY to make sure our kids are doing alright. This is certainly not how I expected to end my college career, but I am thankful that family and friends are staying safe. Much love to you all, stay safe, stay indoors, and stay healthy!

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